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Requesting delivery to a different address.

Often, when paying by card, delivery may be required to an address other than the registered card address.

This requires additional steps to be taken for both your and our security, to ensure that stolen card details are not being fraudulently used.

Preventing Card Fraud

Did you know that in 2014 there were almost 1.3 million instances of card fraud reported? This amounted to around £217 million of online fraud alone. This is a price that all us honest buyers and sellers have to pay, as these losses are effectively shared out between us all.

In the first 2 weeks of January 2016 alone, our security steps caught 4 separate instances of card fraud, amounting to over £6000. Each of the people who had had their card details stolen were not aware of the fact that their details were being used fraudulently until we contacted them.

Our additional security steps, detailed below, helped these innocent people save financial loss and prevented further fraud and losses being incurred by them and potential sellers.

We make no apologies for taking these additional security steps. While they are pesky in the initial instance, they are for the good of ourselves, our customers and for the public at large.

Security Hold

In these instances, your order will be confirmed and your card payment will be processed.

Your order will be placed on hold and a letter will be posted to the registered card address.

The letter has a password on it.

Before we can arrange delivery we will require you to call us and confirm the password.

Full instructions are given in the letter.

We will mark your account as confirmed and this step will not have to be repeated for any future orders.

Please note that if we have already verified your account, it is not necessary to do this check again unless your details have changed.

These steps should be read in conjunction with our How to Order page.


Online Card Fraud Infographic