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General Data Protection Regulation

Important information from Distinctive Doors regarding new EU data regulation

From 25.05.18, every organisation within the EU and EEA is to adhere to a new set of data privacy laws known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for short.

This new legislation is designed to provide greater clarity and reassurance to all citizens in the EU region about how your personal data is held, used and shared and your rights to view, amend and request deletion of this data.

How does this affect me and my relationship with Distinctive Doors?

GDPR impacts three main areas in relation to Distinctive Doors:
1. How we communicate with you
2. How we manage your data
3. How we manage your order processing

1. How we communicate with you:

We currently don’t send marketing communications to our customers, were we to decide to do so in the future, we’d need your explicit consent to receive these types of communications.

We also communicate with you to fulfil the requirements of the contract between you and ourselves (i.e. to process your order), these types of communication are designated as “contract” based communications and as such are subject to the Terms & Conditions that we have and can be read here – these have been updated in line with new legislative requirements. By placing an order or by continuing to use our services you agree to these terms and thereby grant us the right to communicate with you on matters relating to the servicing of the contract between us only.

2. How we manage your data:

The new legislation requires we ensure that you can:

a. Always see any data related to you on our systems
b. Manage and update this data as you see fit, including partial or complete deletion of any and all personal data records

You are currently able to edit and update your personal details via your account page. We are currently working through a series of updates to our web platform to allow you access this data more easily, but also download and request deletion of your personal data held by us.

3. How we manage customer order processing:

We take management of your data extremely seriously. We already have in place a series of measure that ensure the protection of your data and reduce the possibility of unauthorised sharing of this data. But we’re always looking to improve how we handle customer data and the security that sits around it. Below are some further details on what we’re currently working on to improve our handling of customer data to ensure we are complying with all of the requisites of the new GDPR legislation in full:

• More flexible access to your customer data and the ability to request deletion of your account data via the web platform (in line with our business legislative requirements for information retaintion)
• Increased data security, beyond industry standards, to reduce further any possibility of a data breach
• Further anonymisation of personally identifiable data as orders are processed, to reduce risk of a data breach