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We Support Open Source Software

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Here at Distinctive Doors Ltd., we use quite a range of open source software modules and projects. From image manipulation modules to full server suites.

For this reason we are proud to support development of many open source projects ourselves in order to pay back the goodwill of others.

Our web developers, i2w, have written many modules, a variety of which are used throughout our website. We are pleased to be associated with some of their Ruby and Rails OSS software which is distributed through their github feeds.

Why open source?

  • It’s free. Obviously a major factor. We can save thousands of £’s. savings which we can pass on to you, our customers.
  • It’s up-to-date. Through widespread use, developers can patch any security vulnerability or fault very quickly as there are usually several, if not hundreds of, contributors. The free nature of the software means there is minimal cost involved in upgrading our servers to the patched version. This means that we can offer the maximum security possible, something that is very often not available with software from other sources.
  • Feedback. Where our developers write their own program or module, and release it into the wild, other developers then re-use the code. They very often give feedback, patch bugs and suggest ways of streamlining or enhancing the program.
  • Community. Hundreds of thousands of users with expert knowledge are continually posting on forums and help groups. This can be extremely useful when we need qualified advice. Again this is free help, offered by volunteers, so not only does this save money, but it also tends to be incredibly fast.